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Welcome to Caring Hands PPEC/PDHC 

Changing the lives of medically fragile children.

We are a day health center for children ages birth up to 20 years of age with medical needs requiring skilled nursing care. Our focus is to provide early intervention with our multidisciplinary approach to nursing care to prevent further delays and hospitalizations.

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Parent Reviews

Staff is excellent and loving and committed! This is a top-notch facility for its patients.

The entire staff is amazing!!! They are extremely supportive, always pleasant and professional, incredibly patient, and understanding of my daughter needs. Every time we walk in the door, we are greeted with a smile from someone. I love them all!!

Caring Hands is perfect for their name. As you visit the various rooms you can see that every caregiver/staff member treats each child as if they were their own child.

The best care you can ever get for your family .