About Us

Caring Hands PPEC is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center

We are a family oriented and locally owned company.  We are staffed with skilled pediatric nurses, PT, OT, ST as well as Direct Care Workers, Music Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Social Workers, Pet Therapy, Educators and Dieticians to provide a multidisciplinary approach to nursing care under the direction of our Pediatric Board Certified Medical Director as well as your child’s physician and specialist.  We provide services in our center for up to 10 hours a day for children ages birth up to 21 years of age with medical conditions.  Our nurses provide nursing care that includes, but not limited to, nursing assessments, medication administration, trach care, tube feedings, IV therapy, wound care, care of c-pap, apnea monitors, oxygen dependent, ventilator dependent, etc..

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe environment  for children in a social atmosphere while receiving the nursing care they require.  Learning through playing, games and crafts to help develop the necessary motor skills for life.  Continuous nursing care by skilled pediatric nurses allows for your child to receive the best care possible with focus on preventing further complications and exacerbations.  We are in constant contact with your child’s physicians and specialist to provide updates, report complications and abnormal findings to facilitate  appropriate interventions and care.

Children currently receiving Private Duty Nursing Care with Home Health may qualify.  If you have a child with special medical needs call any of our numbers on the  Locations tab and we will be happy to assist you.